'Sea Us' is a non-profit organisation which aims to help making artistic co-creative projects with women and other minorities in precarious situations possible.
Our aim is to help making co-creative projects with women and other minorities in precarious situations possible. They usually don’t have access to tools such as camera’s or a safe space to express and connect with themselves and others. By providing needed tools and knowledge, we want to offer artistic experiences within a safe space, that can contribute to a better mental wellbeing. This is the first step, the creation of a 'nowtopia'.
= empowerment

The second step is to show these creations to the world, to generate conversations and understanding. The viewer is being invited into the 'nowtopia' of the people who are usually not being seen.
= awareness and identification

The third step is to bring people from both sides together and exchange, learn, share an experience and create together horizontally. To transcend the discrepancy between both 'roles' of subject and spectator, we equally take part in this shared experience. This allows us to get to know each other. It inspires us in different ways of possible transformation of our reality.
= co-creating and co-existing

Project: Art over Borders - Artistic Encounter in Greece (2023)
The Syrian guys who will guide us through Athens, share their experiences and cook for us will get a fair pay. Part of the money will go to support the multicultural community farm where they will organise workshops and cook dinner for us. An other part will go to an advanced yoga teacher and expert with women in precarious situations. The last part of the money goes entirely to 'Sea Us vzw'. We will use it to be able to keep realising artistic projects with minorities as explained above. Specifically it will in the first place be used to offer tools (such as camera's, prints, paper, pencils), to give a valuable result of the creates project (such as booklets and prints) and for transport to reach access to the concerning regions.​​​​​​​
Sint-Machariusstraat 58,
9000 Gent, Belgium
0801.555.342 RPR Gent
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